Modern technology meets old world artisanship

December 20, 2018
Amanda Zimmerman
Modern technology meets old world artisanship

Known for combining the latest in custom millworking techniques and technology with a rich heritage of artisanship, Eisenhardt Mills has added to its capabilities with the purchase of a HOMAG 3-Head Sander with Cross Belt for its Easton, PA shop. The state-of-the-art sander will support Eisenhardt’s delivery of the high-quality custom work that has been its calling card for the better part of a century.

Saving time while improving quality

Anyone who’s ever sanded by hand can attest to the fact that it’s not as easy as it looks. Even with the assistance of an electric sander, the job requires a lot of elbow grease, and it’s difficult to get an exactly even finish.

The HOMAG Sander addresses these concerns and more. With three different heads for customizable finishes, the innovative and powerful sander enables a calibrated sanding of surfaces for either a perfectly smoothed natural finish or an optimally sanded finish in preparation for adhesion of paint or veneer.

Modern technology meets old world artisanship

The HOMAG Sander’s capacity to improve the consistency and quality of the finish, while cutting down on the manual labor involved in hand sanding, makes it a valuable addition to Eisenhardt Mills’ shop.

Next level sanding with versatility

In addition to ensuring an even and superior finish, the HOMAG Sander has the ability to sand primer and paint from flat to high gloss. This capacity will not only produce exceptional and consistent results, but will streamline the flattening process for large panels, enabling a faster project timeline.

Eisenhardt Mills has chosen a model with three interchangeable heads to provide a variety of finishes and make the customization of projects even easier. Having the ability to switch between the three heads for different pieces and needs allows for a wider range of projects that can be handled by the new Sander.

Modern technology meets old world artisanship

The versatility of the HOMAG Sander makes it ideal for both natural finish projects and finish painted projects. From cabinet doors to stair treads, the Sander’s ability to deliver exact consistency, high quality and customized calibration will be a high-tech support to Eisenhardt Mills’ time-honored tradition of premier millwork for commercial and high-end residential properties as well as historical restoration.