A love of all things crafted

August 22, 2018
Amanda Zimmerman
A love of all things crafted

Eisenhardt Mills welcomes new Project Manager Brittany Chadderdon

Most children have an aversion to something. Maybe it’s broccoli. Maybe it’s homework or chores. For Brittany Chadderdon, it was her mother’s Formica counters and vinyl kitchen floors.

It wasn’t until later, however, that her distaste for plastic-based counters and flooring started to make sense to her. While visiting her father, a second-generation stonemason, in upstate New York, Brittany tagged along to see the houses he was working on.

“I was in awe of the castle like structures along the Hudson River and nestled into the Catskills,” says Brittany.

She marveled not just at her father’s skill, but at the artistry of craftsmen working in all of the trades, especially those that showcase natural materials. Enchanted by the raw beauty of stone and wood, her love of all things crafted was born.

Brittany Chadderdon began work as Eisenhardt Mills, Inc.’s newest Project Manager on July 5, 2018.

Stories in Stone and Glass

After spending a year in Boston, Brittany enrolled at Hunter College, a small-town PA girl was now studying Urban Planning in the big city. It was there, in Manhattan, that Brittany fell in love with the way a building—a townhome or a storefront—has its own history, and its own story to tell.

Meandering up and down city blocks, taking in the doorways and stairwells and windowsills, popping inside for a peak at a fireplace or study or banister, Brittany listened to their stories in stone and brick and glass.

She carried this inspiration with her back to upstate New York to study drafting and design at SUNY. Her first internship at Rhirabeck Kitchen and Bath brought her back to those houses her father had shown her years ago, where her love of artisan-crafted natural materials began.

Brittany rounded out that experience with exposure to the commercial side of craftsmanship at PGS Millwork. Throwing herself into the world of veneer, cabinet construction, drywall and hinges, she developed a solid foundation and knowledge base to carry her forward to her next adventure.

From Drawing Board to Project Management

Architecture school was the next stop for Brittany. She moved to Philadelphia to study at Drexel University and gained invaluable experience in the organizational and operational aspects of the industry working at a construction company.

After becoming pregnant with her daughter, Brittany moved closer to her family in the Poconos. Her new job at a high-end millwork firm in the Lehigh Valley saw her progress from drafting to Drafting Manager to Project Manager. With all of the firm’s work being in New York, Brittany was able to call on her love of the city and its storied buildings to project manage a Soho Penthouse Renovation, bringing the project almost to completion before moving on to the world of stone and marble.

At Home in Eisenhardt Mills

When the opportunity arose to work at Eisenhardt Mills, Inc., Brittany knew it was a perfect match for her from the start. “As I sat in my interview with Amanda and James and glanced around at the doors from the State Department and remnants of the Independence Hall restoration, I knew this was the place I needed to be,” she says.

Starting on July 5, 2018 as Eisenhardt Mills’ newest Project Manager, Brittany is working closely with Production Manager James Zdepski and Project Manager Mike Elston, as well as immersing herself in the world of the shop to learn the procedures and processes Eisenhardt Mills employs to produce their renowned custom millwork.

With their heritage based on sound craftsmanship and unparalleled artistry, Brittany feels at home at Eisenhardt Mills. “For me it’s always been about being a part of someplace that is a creator of things. Knowing that from the minute a project starts it’s given the time and attention to detail it deserves,” she says.

“When that happens, the end product isn’t just another piece of furniture or stair tread. It’s a culmination of all those brilliant minds and hands churning and toiling so that you end up with something with integrity that will withstand time.”