Eisenhardt Mills is working to bring back a focus on skilled trades and crafts

March 7, 2017
Amanda Zimmerman
Eisenhardt Mills is working to bring back a focus on skilled trades and crafts

According to the National Center for Craftsmanship, “As a nation, critical shortages of skilled craftspeople have brought us to a point where businesses are unable to meet the needs of their customers due to a lack of qualified workers. As the current pool of craft workers continues to age, the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a valuable source of economic productivity is quickly concentrating in a diminishing percentage of the population.”

At Eisenhardt Mills, we are committed to the preservation, enhancement and sustainability of quality craftsmanship because our partners and clients depend on it. Considered by many to be the standard for premium millwork, we are listed among a handful of nationally known elite manufacturers.

But with this label comes a large responsibility for us to ensure that our secondary and higher education system understands the importance of teaching skilled trades and crafts to today’s youth. We know first-hand how increasingly difficult it has become to find talented craftsman and engineers that can be given lines and words on paper and craft a piece of wood into a piece of furniture and art.

Our society needs to cultivate the talents of individuals and at Eisenhardt Mills we feel it’s our duty and responsibility to drive that initiative. As a result, we are working with community colleges and trades schools to identify ways we can partner on this initiative.