Amanda Zimmerman named President of Eisenhardt Mills

January 7, 2017
Amanda Zimmerman
Amanda Zimmerman named President of Eisenhadt Mills

Amanda Zimmerman, the founder’s great grand-daughter, was officially named President of the company recently. Don Lockard, Amanda’s father and the founder’s grandson, had previously served as president of Eisenhardt Mills for over 40 years. 

Amanda began working for Eisenhardt Mills over 20 years ago in the office area of the facility. She started out answering phones, running prints, and making copies. Eventually, Amanda started taking on more responsibilities that eventually led to her estimating and assisting with the day-to-day tasks of running the company. 

As her dad, Don Lockard, felt more confident in Amanda’s leadership abilities he began to transition many of his responsibilities to Amanda so that he could focus on the tasks he enjoyed the most. Amanda took on the challenge and has not looked back since, taking the company into modern times without sacrificing the integrity and work ethic that helped build the company’s strong reputation.

Don Lockard is still involved with the company, but is also enjoying some free time and flexibility.